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Construction Safety: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

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Every year, there are up to thousands of injuries and a significant number of accidents involving heavy machinery and equipment operation that has had fatal consequences. Most of these accidents usually involve the operator, but they can also end up affecting those who are around the site as well.

This includes co-workers, laborers, spotters, and passers-by who might be too close to the area. Since construction jobs are pretty labor-intensive, these accidents end up with having to call emergency services for assistance.

Over 85% of the accidents that tend to take place in construction sites are actually easily preventable. This is why safety awareness and caution needs to be exercised when managing these operations, and these are actually traits of a good operator.

This is another reason why operator training is important, and every operator is technically supposed to have verifiable training that credits their skills of operating a certain machine or equipment. The larger the machine, the more rigorous the training.

You can also keep track of things by making use of construction management software that track your team’s data and progress in real time and then gives you advice to mitigate possible risks and so on.

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So, if you happen to be an owner or a construction site manager that is looking to reduce the likelihood of any accidents or incidents, you can keep the following construction safety tips in mind the next time you are addressing your team.

1.       A common cause of accidents for drivers and equipment operators take place when they are getting on or off the equipment or machine.

This is why it is important that proper boots and gloves and worn so that there is proper grip when one is mounting or getting off of the machine. Similarly, one should lower themselves down carefully instead of jumping off the machine.

2.       Another incidence where one has to be careful is when loading or unloading equipment since there is a risk of a machine roll-over.

You want to make sure that you are in a stable area with a proper stance, and you also need to use proper tie-down procedures and binders. One must also exercise caution when opening the handle or binders as well.

3.        Be wary of overhead or potentially buried obstructions like water, gas, electrical or sewer lines. So, make sure to get the area cleared and exercise caution when dealing with underground lines.

4.       There should not be any overcrowding, especially when around the area where the machine is operating because you are exposing yourself to possible injury. So, those on the ground need to keep away from the machine operating area.

5.       Caution needs to be exercise not only when going up the slope with a load, but also while you are coming down from the slope as well.

6.       It is important to be vary of the machine swing radius especially given how common these incidents are.

7.       Keep people away and never move a load over people.

8.       Do not use the same machine for multiple functions, or at least recognize its limit and avoid potentially pushing it beyond its limit.

9.       Special care needs to be taken place when backing anything. Operators have to make sure there is nothing behind them and must have wide angle mirrors as well.


10.   Always use a seat belt and safety equipment that comes with any machine or equipment while operating the machine.